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Re: xorriso 1.2.4?


> Does debian-cd 3.1.13 depend on xorriso 1.2.4? (which is not in 
> the debian archive anywhere).  isohybrid-gpt-basdat does not work with 
> xorriso 1.2.2 so so the images will no longer boot off a usb stick.
> Any chance of an earlier version of debian-cd?  Say a month back?  It 
> worked well.

Alternatively you could get and install GNU xorriso which works
independendly of the installed libburnia .so libraries.
I.e. things like Brasero or xfburn will not be affected by its
installation. You'd just have to de-install Debian's xorriso

The current release is

but i would avdise to use the development snapshot

because it has some minor bugs fixed about multi-hybrid boot info:

* Bug fix: Reserved and unused fields of APM entries were not zeroed.
* Bug fix: GPT header CRC was computed from all 512 bytes rather than from 92.
* Bug fix: The protective MBR partition for GPT started at block 0 instead of 1.

None of these bugs caused reports from testers. They were found
during a result review by Vladimir Serbinenko.

For installation instructions see

Have a nice day :)


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