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Re: tasksel arch any? (Re: Bug#697890: iwconfig not in /sbin)


On 07/03/13 17:58, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> [...]. The need to be on CD#1 was
> what drove me to commit. If there are alternative solutions, yes we
> should consider them.

In #697868 I suggested an alternate way to nudge a package onto (GNOME)
CD1.  Then it would only need to be a Recommends in the task-- so long
as it is on the install media I think tasksel chooses to install it:

>> 2. add network-manager-gnome specially to debian-cd's
>> tasks/wheezy/Debian-gnome, after the forcd1 include

The forcd1 file itself was not suitable for this package because it
lists packages common to *all* desktops.

Steven Chamberlain

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