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Bug#701099: debian-cd: installer fails with two CD/DVD drives

Package: debian-cd
Severity: critical
Tags: d-i
Justification: breaks the whole system


I am using the Wheezy weekly builds debian-testing-amd64-DVD-1.iso
20130218-18:45 on a new Dell R420. I burned the ISO image to DVD and put it
into the local DVD drive of the server. I am booting the server in BIOS mode
(UEFI disabled).

There is a KVM dongle connected to the server which provides a second CD drive
via the so called "virtual media" functionality of the KVM switch. This CD
drive is present on the system as a second CD drive, but not used for the

The DVD boots and the installer runs successfully thru all the steps including
the base installation. After the base installation when APT tries to detect the
DVD as a package source the installer fails with the message that this is not a
valid Debian DVD. The reason is that it tries to mount /dev/sr1 which fails
because the Debian DVD is on /dev/sr0.

Once we switched of the virtual media capability of the KVM dongle, so that the
dongle no longer provides a CD drive which means there is no longer a second CD
drive available on the system, we where able to run the APT step again and the
installer was able to continue the installation.

I assume this is a general issue when there is more than one CD/DVD drive
available on the system.

I made a few photos to document the issue and uploaded them to



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