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Re: DVD Labels

Hi Miroslaw,

miro.dom@interia.eu writes:
> Hello
> My name is Miroslaw, I live in Poland and I have 28 years old and i deals with Graphics one year. Yesterday I finished overprints on DVD for Squeeze and Wheezy systems, and i share it with them in deviantart.com on my profile.(http://mirozarta.deviantart.com)
> this is the link:
> http://fav.me/d5utgfr
> and these are links to the respective versions:
> http://fav.me/d5uteq1
>  Debian 7.0.x "Wheezy" 64 bit
> http://fav.me/d5utbzf
>  Debian 7.0.x "Wheezy" 32 bit
> http://fav.me/d5upa0t
>  Debian 6.0.x "Squeeze" 64 bit
> http://fav.me/d5uos13
>  Debian 6.0.x "Squeeze" 32 bit
> If it is possible I would like to put this on the official site :)

They look great, but I think you need to remove the DVD Logo, given
the answers in the ``DVD Logo'' section, here:


Cheers, Phil.
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