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Re: /debian-cd/ versus /cdimage/archive/

On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 03:28:34PM -0400, David Prévot wrote:
>Control: reassign -1 cdimage.debian.org
>Control: severity -1 wishlist
>Le 15/01/2013 03:51, opensource@tigusoft.pl a écrit :
>> Proposed solution:
>> simply make archive the better (universal, bookmarkable) URL, have it also 
>> host current version (like 6.0.6 now) and as for /debian-cd/ make it redirect 
>> or symlink into archive for now.
>I guess /debian-cd/ do have its fair use for mirroring, especially for
>mirrors that don't host the full archive of old stuff, but debian-cd
>people may provide more rationale if they feel the need to.

Hi David,

Yes, that's exactly the reasoning. The official mirrors of debian-cd
need/want a single tree that they can mirror safely for just the
current release, and that's why we have the separation. The archive
area is simply meant to be a non-mirrored static archive of older
releases that we keep around for posterity. We also *don't* keep all
the full ISO images in that area for each release, relying instead on
jigdo for many of the old images.

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