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Re: version grub-installer weekly-builds

On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 06:11:53PM +0400, Pavel Vorobj`ev wrote:
>grub-installer 1.8_4_ ???
>grub-installer 1.83
>grub-installer 1.84
>grub-installer 1.83

Depending on which CD you download at the moment, you'll get either:

 * a "wheezy" build of the installer (which uses the latest version
   released into the Debian archive, aka beta 4 at the moment)

 * a "sid" build of the installer (a daily build directly from

Due to the way d-i development works, the "wheezy" builds are often
superseded quite quickly and stop working as the archive
changes. Hence the weekly CD images are built using the "sid"
installer and you can see we're using grub-installer 1.84.

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