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Re: What would it take to establish a mirror of cdimage.debian.org in North America?

On Sat, 27 Oct 2012, Rick Thomas wrote:

Fetching a DVD image across the North Atlantic takes a long time -- 5-7 hours.

That's not universal, you should look into why. Either you don't have big enough tcp buffers or you have packet loss somewhere along the path. There is no reason a transatlantic download should take more than half an hour if you have the bandwith to support it locally.

And the bit-torrent seeders don't provide the beta images, let alone
the daily or weekly images.

Bittorrent only gets faster than http when there are plenty of other users on the same torrent (or the http source is bandwidth starved). For weekly builds I'm not convinced that's the case - also the extra day or two latency to sync the images to the torrent seeder hurts on something that updates weekly.

So... are there any volunteers out there to provide a mirror of
cdimage.debian.org/cdimage on this side of the pond?  How big a
machine would it require?  How much bandwidth?

Weekly-builds are a few TB/week. Assuming the mirror builds them from jigdos it should be a reasonable idea.

/Mattias Wadenstein

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