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UEFI installation upload4 with LVM and crypt


The grub installer misses some modules that are required for LVM Crypt with UEFI, I had to add:
insmod efi_gop
insmod efi_uga
(those two are in the load_video function, but it isn't called as far as I can tell since I couldn't boot without it.)
insmod gcry_twofish
insmod gcry_sha256
insmod part_gtp
insmod lvm

The fact that your "BIOS" setting has to be set to use UEFI if it is a dual system isn't mentioned. The first time that I setup my machine I had it on BIOS, and the installed worked fine, I changed to UEFI and reinstalled after I broke the system trying to convert after the install.

Machine Dell Latitude 6420 (No touch screen)

Linux Engineer
Ryan Morillo

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