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Bug#686471: cdimage.debian.org: Please made DVD-1 image small enough to fit on a 4GB USB stick

On Sep 2, 2012, at 1:31 AM, Steve McIntyre wrote:

I've not done anything like isohybrid for ppc at all; I've no idea if
it's even possible...

It may not be strictly necessary. See my recent email with subject "Detailed notes: How to boot and install Debian from a USB stick on a PowerPC Mac" that I sent to the debian-powerpc list. I have used the "businesscard", "netinst", "CD-1" and "DVD-1" isos successfully with that procedure to install Debian wheezy on PowerPC Macintoshes from USB sticks. For the DVD-1 I needed an 8GB stick, of course.

4GB sticks are now selling for US$3.00 a piece.



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