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Tweaking tasks


Following up from the thread about lack of space...

A couple of weeks back I rewrote the task support in debian-cd to deal
with the change from tasks-in-Packages to task meta-packages. After a
lot of local testing, today is the first time the weeklies have been
built using the new code. There's probably some more tweaking due for
Recommends handling yet, but this seems to work at the moment.

Here's a summary of what fits where, for amd64 CDs. On i386, space is
used even more quickly so the desired tasks are pushed further down;
AFAICS this is because of two flavours worth of kernel modules being
picked up.


The last package on amd64 CD#1 is libgjs0b. task-desktop fits on CD#1,
but task-gnome-desktop is ~90 packages into CD#2. gnome-shell-common
doesn't even make CD#1, which means the desktop will be a
little... sparse. The full sorted package list is at



The last package on amd64 CD#1 is plasma-widget-lancelot. task-desktop
fits on CD#1, but task-kde-desktop is about 40 packages into (what
would be) CD#2. The full sorted package list is at


LIGHT (lxde/xfce)

The last package on amd64 CD#1 is python-libxml2. The core tasks fit
fine (task-desktop, task-lxde-desktop, task-xfce-desktop), well within
the the space of CD#1. Full sorted list at


Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
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