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provide an own non-oss DVD / include non-oss on BD

  What about a non-oss DVD or a non-oss repo on BD?
I believe a complete set of packages will be of high value either for 
installing or working offline. Although apt supports offline software
retrieval it can be very arduous to transport every desired piece of
software with sth. like an USB stick to the destination especially for
a computer out of reach of a direct internet connection. I believe 
the sense of a BD or a DVD set is in having such a complete set of
software handy everywhere.
  Although we do normally suffice with oss, non-oss can as well be 
essential f.i. for the graphics driver or device firmware. Moreover 
the contrib section does not really make sense without non-oss.

Best Regards,
Elmar Stellnberger

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