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Re: Some suggestions for changes to w.d.o/CD/faq entries

On Tuesday 10 January 2012 23:58:56 Rick Thomas wrote:
> On Monday 09 January 2012 20:23:30 Thomas Schmitt wrote:
> > To my understanding, Andrei objected a sentence about Defect
> > Management,
> On Jan 9, 2012, at 1:34 PM, George Danchev wrote:
> > Okay, Andrei objected the term "checkreading", and it is indeed not
> > appropriate, regardless of whether it is performed by the drive
> > itself or by
> > the user, therefore "proofreading" is suggested instead.
> I'm not an expert on optical recording technology, but I am a native
> English speaker.  To me, the term "proofreading" implies checking
> someone's written words for grammar, sense, and spelling.  It's really
> not something I would expect a computer to be able to do.  If it's
> officially called "defect management", why not use that term --
> especially since (at least in English) it actually describes what's
> really going on.
> If it were my choice (which, of course, it's not) I would greatly
> prefer something closer to Andre's original suggestion:
> "In order to get full nominal speed on BD-RE (without the slowdown
> caused by the drive's internal defect management) add
> the option 'stream_recording=on'."

I'm now glad Steve as picked yours, in fact.

> Thanks for listening,

Thanks for communicating your data point.

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