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Re: Some suggestions for changes to w.d.o/CD/faq entries


George Danchev wrote:
> > a) isosize and dd
> > b) check_debian_iso script Thomas has developed.

> Besides, it doesn't address the "checkreading" which doesn't seem to be 
> an English word. Even if it is the technically correct term for what is 
> going on I doubt FAQ readers actually care and would suggest to avoid it 

The verification process by reading the readily written medium is
not the same that the drive performs internally by default with
DVD-RAM, BD-RE, or formatted BD-R.

The term in the MMC specs for the latter is "Defect Management".
(Nomen est omen.)
The former is not covered by specs. I'd call it "verification".

My technical advise is to avoid "Defect Management" by not formatting
BD-R or by using option
of my programs xorriso or cdrskin. This gives a 2 or 3 fold speed advantage
with writing.

As substitute for the omitted internal check, i advise to read the
written data after the write run has finished. Only this gives the
certainty that the medium is really readable without errors.

Have a nice day :)


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