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Re: [help for academic project] tracker log

On Wed, 30 Nov 2011, Novák Áron wrote:


I'd like to ask the help of the debian community to my academic project. As my MSc thesis, I designed a novel overlay routing protocol what is supposed to be churn-proof. I'd like to have some real world data about the peer behaviour in the real p2p networks, especially the uptime of the peers in the network. As I know trackers log the session data, timestamps for the beginning and the end. I'd like to ask if debian project has such data (as there is a torrent tracker for distributing releases) and is it possible to get and use it for the purpose described above? Anonimized data would be absolutely fine for me.

We're usually fine with sharing it with academic research projects, which institute are you affiliated with?

And how would you like to receive the logs? The previous projects have gotten them through a cron:ed scp to some host. We don't keep them for very long, only for a few days, so if you want a longer time frame you need to continiously recieve them for a while.

/Mattias Wadenstein

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