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Bug#646019: general: torrent on USB-HDD cause disk disconnect


On 10/20/2011 01:14 PM, Entada Scandens wrote:
> In Debian Squeeze:
> If working directory of BitTorrent client (rtorrent, ktorrent, flush) located at USB-HDD, 
> after 1−40 hours of downloading/seeding USB-HDD disconnects.
> In Debian Lenny:
> All works fine.

Not all clients seeding a given torrent may be online at a given time.
The people participating in a torrent may need the resources for other
things and may therefore pause their seeding for a while. In that case,
just wait and the torrent will resume when it has seeds again.

You can help us ensure better service to all torrent users by seeding as
much as you can, once you have a complete copy of each image you download.


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