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Re: Feature-request: Official Debian DL-BD disc

> Please do. I'll need more people to ask for the DL-BD to make it a
> regular part of the official builds, but I can build one alongside
> 6.0.3 as a one-off as the very least...

OK, requested.
Feature-request: Official Debian DL-BD disc

Even for people without DL-BD hardware this image would be very
useful, as it allows to virtualize Debian with 1 media.
I'd be very happy to get at least once those images (for i686/AMD64/sources).

(I'we created it myself with 'debian-cd', but it ended up
non-bootable, perhaps due to user error on my side)

Thanks in advance,
-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"

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