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Upcoming Point Releases


we finally got target dates for the next point releases of both Lenny
and Squeeze.  Lenny should get 5.0.9 on October 1st; Squeeze will follow
on October 8th with 6.0.3.

NEW for Lenny will be closed on the weekend of September 24th; NEW for
Squeeze on the weekend of October 1st.

The upload of debian-installer for Lenny should happen on the closing
weekend at the latest; the middle of week 38 would be appreciated, so
that we have everything together on the 24th.

For Squeeze it would be cool to have the kernel in for testing end of
next week (16/17th).  The d-i upload should be there the middle of week
39, October 1st at the latest.

base-files can be uploaded now, as it will be held in NEW until closing
time anyway.

Kind regards and thanks for your efforts
Philipp Kern

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