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Re: debian-testing iso weekly - err inst grub lilo

same mistake
debian-testing-i386-CD-1.iso  - 2011-09-05

same mistake
debian-testing-i386-amd64-source-DVD-1.iso - 2011-08-22 (i386 inst)

16 августа 2011, 10:43 от Pavel Vorob`ev <vorobev2002@mail.ru>:
debian-testing-i386-CD-1.iso  - 2011-08-15
debian-testing-i386-amd64-source-DVD-1.iso - 2011-08-15 (i386 inst)

[!!] Install the GRUB boot loader on a hard
GRUB Installation failed
The 'grub-pc' package failed to install /target/. Without the GRUB boot loader, the installed system will not boot.

[!!] Install the LILI boot on hard disk
The lilo package failed to install into /target/. Installing LILO  as a boot loader is a required step. The install problem might however be unrealated to LILO, so continuing the installation may be possible.

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