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Re: Point release schedule

Hi Philipp,

disclaimer: I've just read this thread, no logs & no checklist :-)

On Montag, 5. September 2011, Philipp Kern wrote:
> The notification about when the point release really is, is something we
> surely send you.  The thing is that it's already hard to get the three
> teams together as-is, and I don't want to add a fourth.  But please don't
> take this as an offence, it's purely something whose scheduling gets
> massively harder if you add another team that has mainly one guy that
> triggers the build (c.f. CD).

(as I read it) I believe the live-cd team might be happy to just be informed 
about the date planning, you don't really need to coordinate with them at that 

Writing this, I'm thinking all these teams should have "backups", so "any 
date" could be possible always, but I guess thats wishful thinking... ;)


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