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Record a USB


I'm reading through your handy FAQ on image files:

I'm currently in the process of making a Debian Live USB. However the
only way I have found to to this is by using a program in W7 called
ImageWriter that I obtained from the openSUSE team. It seems your FAQ
(as well as that for many other distros currently) explains how to
"burn" these images to optical media only, and neglects to embrace the
USB method.

Is there a section on your FAQ that I am missing? How do I write the
ISO to USB in Linux? K3B, Brasero, etc all explicitly use blank CD/DVD
What's more, UNetBootin fails to boot for most ISOs (accepting Ubuntu
and Mint for some reason), and the images must be written directly to

Your website would be making a step ahead if you were to add USB
install instructions to your FAQ.


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