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Weekly build amd64 iso-dvd fail to select an USB keyboard layout

I have to install Debian with weekly build amd64 iso-dvd (tested with 01-aug-2011 and 08-aug-2011 dvd) and installation fail in the "Select keyboard layout"
My keyboard is a Logitech USB keyboard and i can continue the installation with de default keyboard layout

Here is the install log:
kbd-chooser[2587]: DEBUG: Found usb keyboard: 0x494:0x3512
kbd-chooser[2587]: DEBUG: non-Apple USB keyboard detected
kbd-chooser[2587]: DEBUG: keyboard type at: present: false
kbd-chooser[2587]: DEBUG: keyboard type usb: present: unknown
kbd-chooser[2587]: info: Setting debian-installer/serial-console to false
kbd-chooser[2587]: info: Setting debian-installer/uml-console to false
kbd-chooser[2587]: info: kbd-chooser: arch usb selected
kbd-chooser[2587]: info: choose-keymap: keymap = no keymap
kbd-chooser[2587]: info: kdb-chooser: setting keymap no keymap
kbd-chooser[2587]: Error: **: kbd-chooser: cannot open file no keymap
Main-menu[413]: warning **: configuring `kbd-chooser` fail with error code 1
Main-menu[413]: warning **:  Menu-item `kbd-chooser# failed


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