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tasksel changes

tools/update_tasks has been broken by tasksel being changed to 
use task packages. 

from README.tasksel:
> The general sequence in which packages are added for "complete" images is:
> 1) Packages required by Debian Installer
> 2) Packages required to install the base system (debootstrap)
> 3) Any packages with priority "standard" or higher
> 4) Packages from tasksel tasks
>    a) Packages defined as "key" packages for primary tasksel tasks
>    b) Packages defined as "key" packages for language tasks

Down to here should still work ok; the only Key packages now are task-*
packages, but they Depend on the packages that used to be listed as Key.

>    c) Regular packages from primary tasksel tasks
>    d) Regular packages from language tasks

Here's the problem; before this was determined by tools/update_tasks using
Task fields. The Task fields are going away, the equivilant now is the list
of Recommends of a task package such as task-gnome-desktop:

Recommends: gnome-accessibility, gnome-desktop-environment, gnome, iceweasel-gnome-support, epiphany-browser, libreoffice-gnome, libreoffice-evolution, inkscape

Since the code is mostly awk, I have not tried to write a patch, but
it does not look *too* bad, the same code was already parsing the Packages
file to find the Task fields and should only need to parse it differently.

see shy jo

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