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Customizing the 1st cd from the cdset of debian: network-free installing hangs just before bootloader install asking for cd


I am facing some problems when customizing the 1st cd from the debian
install cdset.

I intend to build a cd which can install debian without the need of
available internet connection: I have to install a lab whose machines
are not connected to any kind of network.

I have a version of a cd which is able to install debian (when
connected to internet) and I am using preseeding to automate some

The point is, I can't proceed the install process just before the
bootloader installation: after installing all the requested packages,
the debian installer hangs asking for the 1st cd, which is on the
cdrom drive and mounted, however the system is not able to recognize
it. The workaround I am using to finish the installing is to press
"ESC" and to manually finish the install process by choosing the
remaining steps via debian installer menu.

Is there any way to avoid this workaround?

Actually, I tested the 1st cd from cdset and it managed to install
debian whitout network connection and, also, it didn't hang just
before bootloader installing. For this test, I didn't use preseed.

I am using build-simple-cdd and I turned off the security updates and
also the mirror setup (as I want to provide packages through a cd) by

Thanks in advance,

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