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Bug#614583: debian-cd: Boot prompt for powerpc does not make install64 sufficiently prominent

Suggested change:

--- a/data/squeeze/yaboot/boot.msg
+++ b/data/squeeze/yaboot/boot.msg
@@ -3,21 +3,16 @@
 This is a Debian installation ${MEDIA_TYPE},
 built on ${BUILD_DATE}.
-The default option is 'install'. For maximum
-control, you can use the 'expert' option.
+Enter one of the following options to begin:
+install     32-bit processor (G4 or earlier)
+install64   64-bit processor (G5 or IBM POWER3/4/5)
+expert      expert mode on 32-bit processor
+expert64    expert mode on 64-bit processor
 If the system fails to boot at all (the typical
 symptom is a white screen which doesn't go away),
-use 'install video=ofonly' or 'expert video=ofonly'.
-The plain options are for the powerpc family of
-processors (from 601 to G4). The *64 options are for
-64bit powerpc processors, which include the IBM 
-Power3, Power4, Power5, ... boxes, as well as the 
-Apple G5 boxes. Press the tab key for a list of
-options, or type 'help' for help.
+add 'video=ofonly'.
-If in doubt, just choose 'install', and if that 
-doesn't work, try 'install video=ofonly'.
+Press the Tab key for a full list of options, or enter
+'help' for help.
--- END ---

Ben Hutchings
Once a job is fouled up, anything done to improve it makes it worse.

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