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Re: Bug#612074: debian-cd: provide iso image aligned on usb thumb drive size

On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 04:14:46PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
>Steve McIntyre wrote:
>> Then I'm going to make DVD#1 limit to 4GB for amd64, i386 and the
>> amd64/i386 m-a DVD. Then it'll fit on a 4GB stick too, and I think
>> that's useful. The rest of the set will still fill up to the normal
>> 4.7GB DVD size, as there's no point to keeping to that limit on later
>> discs. Other arches and source DVDs will also not be affected -
>> there's also no point messing with them AFAICS. Please correct me if
>> you think I'm wrong here!
>> For a 1GB or 2GB (or even 8GB/16GB) image, we *can* add more builds
>> targetted to fit those sizes, but I would rather make those be totally
>> separate builds; they're not close enough to any of the current
>> standard sizes that we generate IMHO.
>> Thoughts?
>A good general principle would be to not add custom sizes that are
>smaller than the size of the typically well-tested CD media. A 500mb
>iso is likely to be nearly useless because it will never fit Gnome, for
>example, and so will end up having to download nearly as much from the
>network as would a netinst iso.

Absolutely. I'm also tempted to declare for Wheezy onwards that we
can't support single-CD installations for KDE and Gnome anyway -
single CDs are just not big enough any more for a full(ish) featured

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