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Ready to upload installation guide

I have a ready to upload Installation Guide build.

It was built from D-I SVN as of Sat Jan 22nd 08:00 UTC

Are there objections for an upload?

Please notice that building G-I takes *hours* (4h17 on my build
machine), so I probably can rebuild it only once during the day,

Also, I never did such work so I don't know exactly what needs to be
synced on the website. I suspect that the online copy has to be
updated in some way.... Frans was doing all such work in the past
(including builds of G-I) and, IIRC, nothing has been re-setup to
update online copies again. 

I suspect that some work may be needed for CD images production, too.

Hence CC'ing -doc, -www and -cd....

Without objections, I'll upload at the end of this afternoon (about
17:00 UTC).


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