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preseeded debian install fails with "no cdrom detected" when cdrom is /dev/sr1


If this question is more appropriate for another list, please let me know.

I am using debian-cd to create a custom Squeeze CD with a preseed.cfg
file. The ISOs install fine on most platforms
except when installing via DRAC with the ISO mounted as "Virtual Media".

With DRAC, the install fails the "Detect and mount CDROM" step with
"No common CDROM drive detected message".

At this stage, the virtual cdrom device is available at /dev/sr1.
There is no device available at /dev/sr0.
>From another console (alt-f2), I am able to execute "mount /dev/sr1
/cdrom" and the installation proceeds
and completes with no issues.

I believe that the root cause is the debconf default value for
"cdrom-detect/cdrom_device" :
d-i  cdrom-detect/cdrom_device       string  /dev/sr0

Question: Is there some preseed configuration that would convince
cdrom-detect to find and mount /dev/sr1 ?

I tried specifying the null string for "cdrom-detect/cdrom_device"  in
the preseed file. That did not help.

Thanks in advance,

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