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Re: using isohybrid for usb bootable isos

Steve McIntyre wrote:
> That itself is a minor pain, but not enough to make me complain about
> a useful feature. The *more* difficult thing is trying to make
> iso-hybrid work with jigdo: we make the .iso and .jigdo files directly
> in the same invocation of genisoimage, so anything we do to
> post-process the .iso files won't show up in the .jigdo
> equivalents. :-(
> I've been trying to find time for ages to either: (a) add iso-hybrid
> support directly into genisoimage, or (b) port the jigdo code from
> genisoimage to xorriso, which is the long-term plan. xorriso already
> includes the needed iso-hybrid support, but it'll take quite a lot of
> work to add jigdo code there.

I take it it's not an easy option to have jidgo just run isohybrid?

One problem with your long-term plan is that it would not allow adding
on the firmware partition prior to generating the jidgo, as xorriso
won't be doing that.

(I do wonder if it's worth spending scarce time on jidgo.)

see shy jo

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