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Re: Debian installer (French translation missed)

On 21:11 Tue 10 Aug     , Karim Bourahla wrote:
> Hello,
> I launched several times the new testing version of Debian 6.
> 1) Debian Installer Problem
> When the Debian installer display the step menu for french users,
> the Keyboard configuration is not translated to french. It still in english.
> Graphical Expert Mode -> Choose language (French) -> Country (Suisse) Then
> Suisse fr_CH.UTP-8 -->  I attached a  screen shot to my email.

Please send this mail to the d-i team and maybe a copy to the translation team.

> 2) Debian Installer Feature missed
> Installing Debian on a server including tow HD,
> Debian installer can't use both disk to create partitions automatically.
> We are obliged to configure the first one, then the second.
> Debian Installer can offert an automatique paritioning using only one HD.
> Hope this helps.

It's a known issue, I don't know the status of this part but have a look to the
whishlist item of d-i and if you don't see anything related, please open a bug
report asking for this feature.

Xavier Oswald <xoswald@debian.org>
GNU/Linux Debian Developer - http://www.debian.org/
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