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Constantly Usable Testing BoF @ DebConf10

I'd like to invite d-i and debian-cd members who are attending DebConf
to the Constantly Usable Testing BoF, Tuesday at 10:30.


The purpose of the BoF is to finally explore whether it would make sense
to implement the Constantly Usable Testing idea[1], ways to do it, and
get feedback and advice from teams that could be affected by it. Some topics
that might come up:

* How would d-i install a snapshot of testing? (eg, some special temporary
  suite name)
* Could having CUT releases of testing offload work that d-i is currently
  doing on beta releases? Or otherwise improve things by, eg, providing a
  snapshot for installation media to use?
* Space/bandwidth/building of CUT CD images.

see shy jo

[1] http://kitenet.net/~joey/code/debian/cut

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