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debian-cd should handle recommends like apt

At the moment, when debian-cd is asked to include recommended packages
as well as dependencies, it will look at the list of packages to be
installed, include their dependencies and recommended packages, but no
do this recursively.  This will for example put a different set of
packages on the DVD/CD if the package list include kdebase, than if it
include kdebase and kde-standard.  kdebase recommend kde-standard, and
the packages recommended by kde-standard are not put on the image.

On the other hand, apt will install recommended packages recursively,
and install the same set of packages if asked to install only kdebase
and if asked to install both kdebase and kde-standard.

Because of this, I believe debian-cd should be changed to include
recommended packages recursively.  I no not know how much work this
is, but thought it best to mention it here to make more people aware
of this.

I discovered the difference when comparing the set of packages
installed by Debian Edu when installing using DVD and PXE.  The PXE
installation would install more packages, because then apt could pick
packages from the entire archive, while the DVD install would get less
packages because only the first level of recommends are available on
the DVD. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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