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Re: Bug#572605: still present -- installation-reports: Sid d-i on PowerPC can not find driver for network interface

On Wednesday 24 March 2010, Rick Thomas wrote:
> So how do we get this fixed?  If it really is a problem on the buildd,
> who *can* fix it?  Is there a list somewhere of who is responsible for
> which buildd?

I've already provided that info a few times. For the "centralized" D-I 
buildds (which includes powerpc) Luk Claes and Otavio Salvador are the 
persons who set up the buildds and who are AFAIK the only people who 
currently have the access required to maintain the buildds.
I have seen no mails from them on the d-boot list requesting help with 
that, so I can only assume they're still willing to maintain them 
(although the evidence seems to indicate otherwise).

> If it doesn't get fixed, there's not much point in claiming that
> Debian supports PowerPC architecture...

Bullshit. I agree that it's a huge nuisance for testing and that the daily 
builds really should be available, but the alpha1 release works just fine 
(except for the known issues) and a next release will also not have this 

For testing the current development status of the installer you could 
always build your own images. It's not that hard.

Your point about "not supporting powerpc" is a gross exaggeration and to be 
honest I'm getting pretty tired of your repeating that any time 
*volunteers* don't jump quickly enough to your liking.

So far I've also not seen that much actual help with arch-specific D-I 
development from the Debian powerpc community, despite repeated calls for 
help from our side.


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