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Re: where is now reiserfs in Debian-testing netinstall?

(Setting Reply-to to the debian-boot list which is more appropriate.)

On Tuesday 23 March 2010, dimas wrote:
> earlier i've installed Debian testing several times from "bussinesscard"
> images (28M) and all was fine. but now i was really surprised when i
> tried to do this and haven't found Reiserfs in installer's partitioning
> menu.

Because reiserfs is no longer actively maintained upstream and because 
there are now good alternatives, we have made support for reiserfs 
optional instead of standard.

To use reiserfs with daily images you need to either:
- boot in expert mode and select 'partman-reiserfs' as optional component
- boot the installer with the option 'modules?=partman-reiserfs'

I will send a general announcement of this change soon.


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