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Re: Getting d-i to find firmware on the CD generated by debian-cd

[Frans Pop]
> I think the problem with that is that including the firmware on the
> CD in the first place is in contradiction with Debian's current
> policy not to include firmware in the distribution.  The current
> firmware support is very explicitly limited to support loading from
> external media *prepared by the user*.

Well, the use case I am working on would be identical for a user who
prepared a CD or DVD, so I believe it should work the same way with
CDs and USB sticks. :)

> An additional issue with non-free firmware is that including it in
> the way you propose would (I think) mean it will get loaded without
> any prompting of the user, which may in some cases violate licence
> terms.

Perhaps.  I have not gotten to a point where I can test what happen.
I believe the .deb will be installed normally into /target/ and
display the license question at that point, but do not know yet. :)

> I can see that others may want to do things differently, but I'm not
> sure how much we can/should support that in standard D-I
> functionality.

I'm working on a patch for hw-detect.

> One option you have is to implement a custom, alternative version of
> 'mountmedia' for d-edu.

Actually, something causes main-menu to crash if I adjust mountmedia
to return CD devices too, so I suspect it is better to adjust
check-missing-firmware to also look in /cdrom/firmware/ for debs.
This is the approach I am testing at the moment.

Anyone know how the PXE installation can be adjusted to load firmware
automatically from the .debs?  I want servers with network cards
needing firmware to work with PXE installation. :)

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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