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Re: mirror-sync and build_all.sh (debian-cd)

Hi Frans, brilliant!

I confirm that with this string debmirror downloads also the d-i images, the docs and the tools:

debmirror --rsync-extra=doc,tools --arch=i386 --dist=lenny --section=main,main/debian-installer --method="http" --ignore-small-errors --nosource --exclude='(e/eclipse(|-.*)/.*)' --exclude='/(boson|ice.*|kde.*|koffice|python-.*|qt-x11-free|samba|wengophone)-dbg_' --exclude='/lib(boost|gl1-mesa-dri|nel|qt4|.*webkit.*|wine|wxgtk.*|xul.*|zeroc-ice.*)-dbg_' --exclude='/libqt4-debug_' -v -h ftp.nl.debian.org --di-dist=dists --di-arch=arches <destinationDir>

which can be used with debian-cd to create a NETINST image, a CD image and so on.

Note that I've used the sid version of debmirror ( version 1:2.4.3 ) because in my understanding the lenny one ( version 20070123lenny1 ) 
does not have the "--di-dist" and the "--di-arch" options.

Thank you again for this powerful tool and for supporting it.

On Mon, 22 Feb 2010 22:29:20 +0100
Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:

> On Monday 22 February 2010, mancyborg@gmail.com wrote:
> > note the '--section=main,main/debian-installer'
> That includes the *udebs* for the installer, but not the *images*.
> Just look at the file name from the error message and check your mirror; 
> you'll see that it's imply not there.
> To also mirror the images, you need the --di-dist and/or --di-arch options.

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