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Re: 5.0.4 MD5SUMS surprising

On Thu, Feb 04, 2010 at 10:56:46PM +0100, michel bonnet wrote:
>the recent images of debian-update-5.0.4-i386-DVD-1.iso
>checksum files are surprising.
>MD5SUMS contains 4 different checksums for the upgrade DVD.
>files MD5SUMS.update and MD5SUMS.large are probably temporary files that 
>should be removed.
>same remark concerning SHA1SUMS files
>besides perhaps it should be nice to have a SHA256SUMS as some says SHA1 may 
>not be strong enought.
>corresponding images are in :
>Anyway welcome to this new debian upgrade ! and thank you for your work ... 
>(and sorry for disturbing if i'm wrong)

No, you're absolutely correct to point out this bug. Thanks. :-)

I had some problems when generating the update images, and that led to
the repeated checksums that you can see. I'll fix the problem and post
updated correct checksums files when I'm back from FOSDEM in 2 days time.

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