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Bug#563668: rtl8180 module prevent from installing Debian stable (Lenny)

Package: cdrom
Version: 5.0.3
Severity: important

Debian stable (Lenny) installation will fail during the network devices
detection for some wireless cards based on the rtl818x chipsets, for
instance the ZyXel G-302 v3.  The installation will simply freeze during
this step.

A similar behaviour has already been identified on other distributions,
see the following bug reports on Ubuntu and Fedora :

The issue most likely comes from the rtl8180 module.  A workaround is to
physically remove the problematic wireless card from the computer, then
replug and install and configure ndiswrapper once the installation is

This module should be either corrected, or completely removed from the
installation cdrom, or the user should be at least warned and prompted
for the loading of this module.

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