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Re: PowerPC daily install CDs? [Was: Re: Netinst for testing?]

On Sun, 2009-10-25 at 06:32 +0100, Frans Pop wrote: 
> > Looks to me that the general state of builds is rather pathetic ATM:
> Sorry. I should have just written "Looks like there are quite a few 
> problems with builds ATM". Does not change the facts or the likelyhood of 
> a successful upload/release any time soon though.

I noticed the i386 failures yesterday. I've no idea when they started,
seems like quite a while ago. Would it be worth having a notification of
build failures sent to the list? (or even just an occasional summary)

i386 is failing with: 
        3366 symbols, 654 unresolved
        Traceback (most recent call last):
          File "/usr/bin/mklibs", line 538, in <module>
            raise "No library provides non-weak %s" % name
        No library provides non-weak _nss_files_parse_sgent@GLIBC_PRIVATE@libc.so.6
        make[2]: *** [stamps/tree-cdrom_gtk-stamp] Error 1
        make[1]: *** [_build] Error 2
        make: *** [build_cdrom_gtk] Error 2
I only checked the first failure for each arch but this same failure
seems to have effected mips (build_r4k-ip22_cdrom), s390 (build_generic)
and armel (uild_iop32x_netboot_glantank).  The symbol in the mips case
is "__gnu_local_gp" while the others are

I was unable to reproduce in an uptodate i386 sid chroot. I'm not sure
which environment these builds occur, maybe it's a testing thing? I'm
installing a squeeze VM now to check.

powerpc is failing differently with 
        E: Couldn't find package firewire-core-modules-2.6.30-1-powerpc-di
        E: Couldn't find package floppy-modules-2.6.30-1-powerpc64-di
depending on the flavour.

Ian Campbell

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