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Re: Bug#551959: netboot: fails to set user and passwords on installation

On Saturday 24 October 2009, Christian Perrier wrote:
> CD team, this bug apparently confirms that weekly builds of Debian
> testing images are broken (maybe some of them only, I'm not sure). You
> guys probably know more than me about this, but isn't there something
> we could do to redirect our users to the D-I home page if they want to
> install testing?

This was about a *netboot* image, which has *NOTHING* at all to do with CD 

It has been known for ages that the D-I testing images are broken. They got 
broken by all the ABI changes after the Lenny release that were (rightly) 
allowed to migrate to testing. They get more and more broken with every 
udeb migration to testing.

The only way to fix them is by doing timely releases. And then ensuring 
that they stay working by tightly regulating what udebs migrate to 

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