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Bug#544400: s390 Debian Installer panic bug # 536354

reassign 544400 debian-installer
forcemerge 536375 544400

> This is my first install of debian on s390.  I downloaded your images,
> booted and got a kernel panic. This looks like problem # 536354.

Correct. The kernel is now fixed, but the installer still needs to be 
updated, which will happen with the next stable point release (which 
should happen fairly soon now).

In the mean time the only other option is to install Etch and upgrade to 
Lenny later. Please see the following mail (bottom part) for details:


P.S. The CD images for s/390 are only of limited value. You can just as 
well use the "generic" images available under "other images" from:
or for etch from:

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