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Re: ups english ... Netinstall ia64

On Tuesday 25 August 2009, Tobias Schön wrote:
> it's an INTEL Atom 330 with iA64
> could it be the BlueRay Drive via USB2.0 ?

Are you 100% sure that Intel Atom is an *Itanium* processor?
As far as I know it is a "normal" 64-bits Intel processor that requires an 
x86_64 Linux kernel (and thus the Debian amd64 architecture) and *not* an 
ia64 kernel (which is the Debian ia64 architecture).

They really are very different animals! Don't let the name "amd64" confuse 
you. Did you actually read the link I provided?

If you are correct and it is an IA64 system, then I'm afraid I have no 
idea. And that would increase the chance that the problem is with the 
image itself as I have no idea how widely tested booting from CD is for 

You may have more luck getting help diagnose the issue on the debian-ia64 
list as there should be more people familiar with the architecture there.
I doubt there are (m)any reading this list.

But please check that you really do have the correct image first!

If you do find a problem then please let us know on this list as we do of 
course want to provide working images.


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