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Re: Debian Edu in Indian Schools

(adding debian-cd)

2009/7/10 Praveen A <pravi.a@gmail.com>:
> 1) We would like to have Open Office 3 from backports as default. I
> made a dvd image using local hooks for including backports (pointed
> LOCALDEBS to backports repository and renamed section and code name to
> local and lenny), but any help in doing it as another optional hook
> similar to LOCAL would be great.

I tried to use the backports repo as a local repo but it did not
include openoffice from backports. I could see other packages like
postgres server and client from backport in the cd image.

backports currently have openoffice 3.0 for i386, but cd still has
2.4. I assumed debian cd would pick the latest version. Is it using
apt for dependency resolution or some other method specific to

Some hints as to what needs to be done would be helpful.

- Praveen
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