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Re: Bug#532515: handling of Recommends (was: on making decisions vs letting things happen)

Frans Pop wrote:
> I don't think policy for Recommends is wrong, but I do feel it results to 
> a hell of a lot of packages getting installed that are not actually 
> needed/wanted in practice.

We have a whole release cycle to sort this out now.

> IMO the special handling of Recommends in D-I 
> so far was justified, especially as we did consciously compensate for not 
> installing Recommends by default by adding them to the task definitions 
> in cases where they were really needed/wanted.

I seemed to be approximatly the only one doing that, and am inactive though..

> I feel that the change could have been discussed more before being 
> implemented in tasksel, possibly with some coordinated effort to check 
> the impact on _all_ tasks instead of just the Gnome desktop task and 
> maybe filing bugs to fix the most problematic Recommends.

Yes, a non-inactive person to handle this in tasksel would have done
much better than me.

see shy jo

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