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Re: Which kernels to include on ISOs? (Was: Re: Netboot Xen images for amd64)

On Thursday 04 June 2009, Frans Pop wrote:
> There are three things you need to accomplish:
> 1) include the kernel udebs for 686-bigmem on the image
> 2) include the 686-bigmem kernel-image deb (+ maybe headers packages?)
> 3) support it in build scripts on farbror (d-cd buildd) and possibly
>    the easybuild script (recommended for testing!)

Ah, and you need to actually include the correct D-I initrd and kernel on 
the CD of course. And you'll need to modify the syslinux boot menu so 
that an "install Xen" option gets added.

Both of those mean changes in the boot-x86 and x86-desktop.sh scripts in 
tools/boot/sqeeze/ [1]. A regular install should remain the default of 


[1] I committed some fairly heavy changes in both D-I and d-cd early this 
week for that. You may want to look at both the old and new version as 
the old version shows how you could manipulate the syslinux config to add 
the options in d-cd. I don't think the base syslinux config in d-i should 
need to be changed for this.

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