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Which kernels to include on ISOs? (Was: Re: Netboot Xen images for amd64)

[adding debian-cd. The context is trying to figure out how to support
installation from CD/DVD into a Xen guest -- this requires a PAE
(==686-bigmem) kernel for 32 bit to run under Xen, both for the
installer itself and the final target kernel, hence the is a need to
either fit a 686-bigmem-di udeb + regular 686-bigmem deb onto an
existing CD/DVD or swap out the 686 kernel for 686-bigmem on the DVD or
create a new CD1 variant just for Xen or some other option I hasn't
occurred to be yet ]

On Sat, 2009-04-18 at 12:49 +0200, Frans Pop wrote: 
> Also note that adding the 686-bigmem kernel to CD images still has a 
> rather high impact (as you'd need to add both the kernel udeb _and_ the 
> regular kernel-image deb), which is rather undesirable for both the 
> netinst CD and the regular CD1. In the first case because of the size 
> increase it would cause [1], in the second case because it would push 
> packages important for the desktop task off CD1.
> Even the DVD1 image is getting tight as we currently support installation 
> of _all_ desktop environments from it. The margin for businesscard images 
> depends mainly on the capacity of actual businesscard sized media.

I've been thinking about this some more and I wonder if 486 + 686 is
still the best option for DVD1 -- as opposed to 486 + 686-bigmem.

IMHO the set of machines which benefit from a 686 kernel but are unable
to run a 686-bigmem kernel is already small and getting smaller. I
reckon those machine would be fine with a 486 kernel anyway, the 686
optimisations don't buy you that much and SMP-but-non-PAE machine are an
even smaller set (if such a thing even exists, I'm not sure).

New machines these days already have 1-2G as a pretty basic minimum and
I predict that when squeeze arrives getting on for 4G will be a common
default. A PAE kernel starts to become necessary around 3.5G anyway due
to the PCI hole and even for machines with <3.5G of RAM you get things
like NX support thrown in.

The 686 kernel is still just an aptitude run away.


Ian Campbell

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