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zsync support in Debian?


I would like t ask you to add support for ZSYNC client, to be able to download
CD/DVD images with ZSYNC client that is already in Debian repository.

ZSYNC client uses protocol similar to RSYNC but without RSYNC support at
server side, all processing is done at client side without performance impact
to the server. ZSYNC client only needs a file with pre-calculated data to be
stored at server. ZSYNC file is similar to JIGDO file. Creation of ZSYNC files
can be automated and is not difficult.

Do you think you can create ZSYNC files for all CD and DVD images in Debian?


Current JIDGO file:

I would like to see something like this:

I expect you understand RSYNC protocol and you know that it can save a lot of
downloading in some situations (when you have some previous version of the
CD/DVD image). ZSYNC offers the same advantages like RSYNC but it is easier to
use and doesn't require special support from the server. Just add one "small"
file for every CD/DVD image you have and inform end users... ;-)

This proposal was already raised in Ubuntu.

Idea in Ubuntu:

More technical details, examples how to create ZSYNC file for ISO image, etc:

ZSYNC home site:

With regards,

  Petr Slansky, slansky@usa.net

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