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Re: broken links

On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 04:29:37PM -0500, dwks@theprogrammingsite.com wrote:
>I noticed that the links to all of the "testing" jigdo images here are broken:

Oops, yes.

>They link to files with "lenny" in the name, so I'm guessing this just wasn't changed for the squeeze release.

Almost. They normally point to the testing images, but shortly before
the Lenny release they were changed to point to the last release
candidate for lenny to get help with final testing. As part of the
Lenny release, those older images were deleted and that left the
dangling links.

Thanks for the report!

cc:ed to the debian-www team. Please do a
s/lenny_di_rc2/weekly-builds/ on those links for us!

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