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Bug#518145: Missing dependencies on official Lenny installation CDs

On Wednesday 04 March 2009, Julian Andres Klode wrote:
> I would say if you only have CD1, gnome is not installable, because
> some of its dependencies are missing.

That's very simply not true. The gnome meta package is not required to 
install the gnome desktop environment. The "key" package for the gnome 
desktop task is gnome-desktop-environment, not gnome.

(It is of course true for the meta package gnome itself, but that's not a 
very important issue.)

> And this is not good, because at
> least in my opinion, any package on any disk should be installable by
> using only the previous disks and the disk it is located on.

Sure, that would be nice. But it's not a hard requirement.
For debian-cd it is mostly true, except that near the end of a CD it is 
possible that a package makes it onto CDx while some dependencies end up 
on CDx+1. For packages with huge dependency trees such as gnome the risk 
that this happens is larger than for most.

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