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Re: partial fix for ISOLINUX_DEFAULT

On Thursday 25 December 2008, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> looking at debian-cd svn, i noticed that there was a FIXME for
> supporting ISOLINUX_DEFAULT.
> this very imperfect patch at the very least gets installgui working
> with the menus, to make Graphical Install the default menu selection,
> although it relies on text.cfg getting loaded before gtk.cfg:

I'm not really happy with this patch.

1) It's actual function seems extremely limited. Effectively it only moves 
the default selection one line down.
2) It does not really support multi-arch nor multi-desktop CD/DVDs.
3) It only works because I expect isolinux will use the last 'default' 
statement it encounters, but having two default statements in a config 
seems rather ugly to me.
4) It is indeed only a very partial fix.

What exactly is the use case this is trying to cover?
Unless it is very persuasive I'd be inclined to remove this altogether...

> i'm also curious if there is there a planned timeline to upload
> debian-cd to unstable soon?

We've just implemented the recent changes for daily/weekly builds and 
everything seems to work. So I guess we could do a release. That would 
allow you to also update simple-cdd.

I expect there will be some cleanup and possibly minor changes after D-I 
RC2. Not sure if we'd need an additional release after that.


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