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Bug#507300: debian-cd: [hppa] command line parameter passed with incorrect quoting

Package: debian-cd
Version: 3.0.2
Severity: minor

The boot-hppa script currently has:
add_mkisofs_opt $CDROOT/../$1.mkisofs_opts "-hppa-cmdline '0/vmlinux,root=/dev/ram,initrd=0/ramdisk,ramdisk_size=$RSIZE"'

During interaction with the HPPA bootloader this results in the following
being displayed:
'0/vmlinux root=/dev/ram initrd=0/ramdisk ramdisk_size=13890' console=ttyS0 TERM=vt102
 0: '0/vmlinux
 1: root=/dev/ram
 2: initrd=0/ramdisk
 3: ramdisk_size=13890'
 4: console=ttyS0
 5: TERM=vt102

Note the quotes in lines 0 and 3.

After the installer has been booted we get this:
# cat /proc/cmdline
root=/dev/ram ramdisk_size=13890' console=ttyS0 TERM=vt102 palo_kernel=0'0/vmlinux

I currently don't see any bad effects from this, but would like to add
support for KERNEL_PARAMS, which could result in for example:
# cat /proc/cmdline
root=/dev/ram ramdisk_size=13890 desktop=xfce' ...

Which in turn results in the following in the cdebconf database:
Name: tasksel/desktop
Template: debian-installer/dummy
Value: xfce'"'

Which _is_ likely to break things.

Not sure how this could be solved. Possibly this is a mkisofs bug rather
than a debian-cd one.

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